Message For The PNP: This Operation is a tribute for Kian Delos Santos .Last August 18 ,
Friday We are informed that a 17 year old boy was executed by the Policemens on their Oplan Galugad at Brgy 160, Caloocan.
He was allegedly killed because he tries to fight to defend his self against them it was based on the PNP statement.
But a witness told the media what was the real thing happened.
It was very sad to know that this two members of the PNP, Killed him intentionally,
Also a CCTV was used as one of the evidences because it captured every single moment of the crime.
You we're once the profession who admired and respected by this man , suddenly
You killed him without any mercy just to be promoted.
You Killed him and also break his dream to be like you in the near future

Philippine National Police!
For us , You are just traitor who will kill us even it is unreasonable just to make your rank up.

Message for our Fellow Citizen:
Let us make them know , That this killings are enough also not acceptable in our morality even in GOD
Support one another , Do not be afraid , We have a voice waiting to be heard.